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Busou Renkin

Buso Renkin (яп. 武装錬金) — манга и снятый на её основе аниме-сериал.
  • A New Life
  • The True Form of Homunculus
  • You Became A Little Strong
  • Another New Life
  • For the Sake of the Person Who Must Be Protected
  • Butterfly of Black Death
  • If You Suspect Hypocrisy
  • Night In the School Dormitory
  • The Hayasaka Sister and Brother
  • You and I have A Affinity
  • Two People Separated By Death
  • Carnival
  • Signs Of Death
  • Who are you?
  • Existence of Middle
  • New Power
  • When the Night Ends
  • Flight Journey
  • If Only You Can Protect
  • Putting in Thoughts and Power
  • Gone into Flame
  • The Required Decision
  • Boy Meets Battle Girl
  • When You Die That Is When I Die
  • Substitute Is Not Required
  • Period

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